Balloon Festival 2014

The sky is cloudy but the Special Shapes balloons are rising this morning.

We drove to the Fiesta park before dawn to walk around the balloons as the crews filled the balloons with air.  On the grassy field  several hundred balloons laid flat while another couple hundred were beginning to stand up.  A lady was pointing a big fan toward one end of a balloon while two guys held up black balloon fabric so the blowing air from the fan entered the balloon. 


A large girl walked by dressed in all-white pantsuit with bell bottoms and gold piping and decorative gold braiding.  I told V. the girl looked like she was wearing an Elvis outfit.

Meanwhile, the air from the fan didn’t seem to be blowing up the balloon, I got bored, and we walked off the other direction.  10 or 15 minutes later we turned back toward the lady with the fan.  Her balloon was laying on the ground but beginning to take a shape.  The bottom of the balloon was black, the main part of the balloon was white and the top was black.

Soon the top of the balloon began to rise up.  Gradually Elvis was rising up from the field.  The same Elvis that landed in our driveway last year!

Click on the picture for more from the balloon festival.


Railroad in Washington


Off the side of the interstate we spotted an old steam engine.  Turns out it is a working railroad that carries passengers on the weekends to places unknown to us, since the depot was closed when we stopped by.  Click on the image for a few more shots.