Church with L

Time to go to church …


… in the red chariot.





Lyden WA

Lynden dutch-006

Lynden is a small town north of Seattle that has a distinct dutch influence.  The facades of many of the buildings, from McDonalds to Main Street, are designed to suggest Amsterdam.  One of the best times to visit is early spring when the tulips are out.  Click on the image for a few more pictures around town.

Chotaw Capital near Tuskahoma

The Choctaw Nation meets each year at their capital near Tuskahoma with a grand celebration on the Labor Day weekend.  The tribal museum and memorials are here along with other buildings for various tribal activities.  We walked around here on the same day as the Trail of Tears was commemorated 50 miles away, so the grounds were open, but deserted.

This is the Museum:


trail of tears-037

trail of tears-042

trail of tears-036

trail of tears-034

trail of tears-035

trail of tears-039

The walkways around the museum are lined with plaques that tell the story of the Choctaw

trail of tears-041

Oklahoma, a Choctaw word, means the home of the red man.  Tuskahoma means Red Warrior

trail of tears-040

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Joshua Tree Road

We rented a jeep and drove the rain storm and the dirt roads southwest of A’s house.










Part of the trail/road crossed the Honeymoon Trail–the trail taken by Mormons traveling from Arizonza to the St. George Temple to get married.