Better pictures

There’s are a couple of very basic concepts for effective landscape photography:

  • Include in your images something close, something far and something that suggests infinity. Look for patterns: colors, textures, shapes.
  •   Remember, it’s all about the light, where it’s coming from, and the angle of view.

Photo Tips: Some Here

Faded Colors, Empty Rooms on the Shore

The first time Douglas Ljungkvist saw Ocean Beach, N.J., it reminded him of a labor camp. It was 1993 and Mr. Ljungkvist … rented a cottage in the Jersey Shore hamlet.”I did not want to spend my vacation there,” said Mr. Ljungkvist, a Swedish-born photographer. “It’s just rows and rows and rows of these tiny cottages in a line. The streets are made of sand, and it’s very sparse. There are telephone poles and wires and a Dairy Queen, so what?

But Mr. Ljungkvist grew so fond of Ocean Beach that he returned the following summer, and the summer after that … for the next six summers. He rented a different cottage each year. more photo ideas from this guy